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April 8th
3:24 PM
"I love Trina and LoLa to death, they’re like sisters to me and I really love that they did that with me."
—  Cassie, on her All Gold, All Girls (Remix).
April 1st
6:07 PM
"Hair pull, neck grab. Don’t fuck with hoes that backstab. Don’t fuck with niggas that ain’t got shit, if I fucked a nigga then that’s my dick."

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March 24th
2:08 PM
"You could bounce, you know I don’t need a man. I’m sorry I met you; I could do bad by my damn self. I can’t let you disrespect me I’m a Queen."
—  Trina

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February 23rd
10:17 AM
"I used to always listen to Trina. She was considered underground, and she talked a lot of sh!t and was a nasty freaky girl. I liked that a lot. I liked Trina mostly. Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown and Missy Eliott too. But mainly I listened to Trina. She has a Florida sound, a south sound. So in the clubs it was always her music, and then too she is just real."
—  Dominique Young Unique, DYU: The Dope Mag Interview.
January 11th
11:44 PM
"I didn’t really do it for the money. I did it because I was so fascinated with myself and knew I could intimidate men with my body."
—  Trina, on her brief career as a stripper. May, 2000.
January 4th
10:22 PM
"This makes us all look bad."
—  Trina

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October 22nd
10:11 PM
"I love Trina. She always pushed the bracket and embraced the sexy."
—  Tiffany Foxx

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August 30th
10:51 PM
"It wasn’t like he turned into Rick Ross overnight. It was a lot of nights, a lot of hustling, a lot of mixtapes, a lot of freestyles. He would be in the studio every night, no one else there, just listening to beats, writing, writing. There was definitely no fancy rides or sit-down restaurants. This was the days of 7-Eleven, left-overs, fast food. It was almost like he was speaking money into reality. He spoke as if the non-existent was already existent."
—  Trina on Rick Ross, Rolling Stone Magazine August 2012.
August 19th
12:00 AM
"Oh it wasn’t nothin’, I just spent twenty grand on this Alexander McQueen bag that I’m carrying. Got some bitches stay sharing, I done learned to stop caring, cause they’ll never ever see a bad bitch like me again."
—  Trina (via femalerappers)

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June 29th
9:33 PM
"I’m in the studio working on a new album and I’m about to drop a mixtape. I’m excited and just working. Hopefully the new album will be ready by late fall. I can’t wait to get back on the stage."